The Secret to Ensuring the Right Fit when Hiring Talent

The Secret to Ensuring the Right Fit when Hiring Talent

When hiring the right person, you need to look past the resume and the interview. According to Harvard Business Review 80% of employee turnover is due to bad match hiring decisions.


To decrease the risk of a bad hiring decision, you need to include corporate human resources processes and policies, testing as well as an informal team meeting. This will not only ensure that you find a competent, talented candidate that can fulfil the role’s requirements but also fit into the company’s cultural that will prove them to be a long-term fit.


Corporate Human Resources Processes & Policies

Having clearly defined processes and policies in regards to role openings enables it be a transparent process that includes not only HR but also the departments who the new hire will ultimately work alongside.


Technical and Psychological Screening

During technical and psychological screening you are able to see if your ideal candidate can walk to talk. This is a great black and white confirmation of their skills and looks beyond their resume and interviewing skills.


Informal Team Meeting

This allows the potential hire to ask questions about the role and working environment in a more casual environment. It also allows both you and the potential hire to find out if they are indeed a good cultural team fit.


By implementing these initiatives you will decrease the chance of a bad hire. Ultimately you want to ensure that the company’s productivity is kept to a maximum and that company morale continues.


Do you have any other initiatives that limits the chance of a bad hire? We would love to hear them!


By Nicole Picone