Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing a good fit for your business?

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing a good fit for your business?

Deciding to outsource a portion or all of your recruitment functions is one of the most important decisions your company will make as it involves identifying and securing your company’s most valuable asset – its people.


To decide if RPO is the right decision for your company, Mint RPO has developed core critical questions.


Does outsourcing recruitment functions align with your companys business requirements/strategies?

This is first question you should ask. When developing your key business priorities in the next 6, 12 and 24 months does RPO aid in achieving this?


Will RPO improve your overall companys performance?

One major benefits of RPO is the overall cost reduction of recruitment that can sue costs by 50 to 75%. Other benefits from RPO include the following:

  • Your recruiting capabilities increase without increasing your headcount
  • Speed of hire and candidate yield improvements
  • Quality of hire improves as your internal recruiting staff has more time to spend interviewing and assessing candidates


What is the total cost of RPO vs. Internal HR?

Do you know what your actual cost is to perform your key HR tasks? It is important to understand your cost to hire or your true cost in talent acquisition. These calculations should include both your direct costs (salaries of internal recruiters, time, advertising, technology, background/skills checks etc.) as well as indirect costs (lost productivity and bad hires). Knowing and understand these figures will enable you to compare the cost partnering with the RPO to manage parts or all of the recruitment tasks.


Who will manage the RPO partner? (including financial and performance results)?

The alignment of people, process and technologies of both your business and your RPO partner are essential to ensure your overall HR strategy succeeds.

It is vital for management to maintain an overview of the outsourcing activities and understand the contract terms and the ultimate deliverables of the project.


What are the potential internal ramifications of working with an RPO?

Taking the time to understand how the executive, management and wider team will react to an RPO strategy is crucial to its success. If you have an existing team that currently undertakes your company’s recruitment strategy it is a good idea to have them involved in the introduction and potentially developing the strategy on how to implement the plan; having them on-board is critical to the overall success of the partnership.


How will the RPO partner compliment my existing internal HR?

Depending of your overall business priorities, utilising a strategic mix of RPO and internal HR will potentially enable your team to concentrate on their core business activities instead of additional adhoc requirements such as talent acquisition or talent mapping.



After answering these key questions leads to requiring an RPO solution that fits your business needs, we encourage you to fill out our contact us form that will enable us to provide you with more specific information about our tailored service.