Mint RPO have delivered workforce solutions all around the world.

Our Recruiters have enabled employers to ramp-up business development activities while reducing the cost of delivering. While our team of experts accelerate your team’s growth, your team continue to deliver company’s operational deliverables.


Results driven

Submitted to Interviewed

Every candidate we submit reflects on our reputation. We ensure that we only send you quality candidates that align with the experience and skills set that you require.

Interviewed to Offered

Achieved through expert to expert conversations, deep-diving into the candidate profiles including achievements, qualifications and specific highlighted requirements.

Offered to Placed

Our long-term relationships with our talent pool enables us to support you through the offer stage. Through understanding the priorities of the candidates and other factor ensures that you place your ideal candidate.

Repeat Business

Testament to our performance, our clients continue to partner with us for their workforce solutions.

Cost Effective Workforce Solutions

Team Cost

Decrease the average time spent inputting data, sourcing and qualifying resumes, background checks and references plus other activities.

Time to Hire

Bad Match Hires

By engaging with Recruitment experts, you will decrease the cost of bad match hires that leave or are let go within the first year.

Bad Match Hires

Loss of Productivity

These internal human resource officers are also employees and therefore their time will not only be spent on sourcing but also other operational deliverables. Their priorities are split and not solely into sourcing; this will not only slow down the process but incur a loss of productivity cost.

Accelerated Candidate Sourcing, Mint RPO