PSST…What Recruiters and Employers really want to see on your LinkedIn profile

PSST…What Recruiters and Employers really want to see on your LinkedIn profile

Utilising LinkedIn and other forms of social media is vital when job hunting for your next career move…it is not simply about updating your resume and then applying…


During your job search, be smart and enable Recruiters & Employers to find you!


In the past we have suggested key overall LinkedIn profile improvements, however the below are the key items that will get you not only make you visible to Recruiters and Employers but will also verify your that you are their ideal candidate and make sure that they can follow-up with you directly!


Keywords that fit your Skills and Experience

Put yourself in the shoes of a Recruiter and potential Employers to find out what are their keywords. You can find keywords that they use by investigating job adverts for your current and past role…you shouldn’t apply for these roles but it will enable you to identify the key skills and industry specific words that they would use when searching for talent that best suits their job opportunity.

Once you have a list, build these words into your LinkedIn profile and resume. This will ensure that they are quickly able to detect that you are the right type of person for their current opportunity. – Communicating your relevant skills, exposure & experience is key!



Contact information

This comes down to personal choice, however if you don’t have an up to date e-mail address and mobile number, the truth is that in a fast paced recruiting environment, you may miss out on hearing a hot job opportunity.

Having your details visible, ensures that they can contact you as soon as they review your profile and qualify your skills set and experience.



Country and Industry

Just like keywords that represent your skills and experience, having your country and industry entered in your profile will widen that chances of coming up high on a Recruiters and potential Employers search results.




Recommendations will further validate to them that you are a potential candidate that has a proven track record in your current and previous positions.




Having consistent information on both your resume and LinkedIn profile will strengthen your personal brand and eliminate mixed messages.

So what are you waiting for? Go straight to your LinkedIn profile now to ensure you are not missing out on job opportunities!



Originally published by ExecutiveDNA’s Branding and Marketing Consultant, Nicole Picone.



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Here at Mint RPO, we love finding inspirational, educational, interesting and informative material that can help people progress in their career. – TED talks are great material that are presented by different professionals that are experts in their field.


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Resume Super Words

Resume Super Words

Our Mint RPO team reads countless of resumes each and every day. On average we receive 200 resumes per job and only have several minutes to review a resume and move on. We asked our team what were the best buzz words to place in your resume and here is what made the cut:

  • Revenue/ Profits
  • Increased/ Decreased/ Under budget/ Monetized
  • Won/ Achieved
  • Improved/ Standardized
  • Trained/ Mentored
  • Managed
  • Created/Developed/ Established
  • Resolved
  • Influenced
  • Negotiated/ Pursued
  • Launched/ Pioneered/ Spearheaded
  • Accelerated
  • Ranked/ Received/ Rewarded


These strong action orientated words enable the resume reader to understand what you do and why you do it successfully. It is important in a resume to be results driven as this illustrates how you would add value to the organisation.


If you are just starting your career or have little experience in the industry, review the job advert and identify the key words that they are looking for. You will be applying for junior roles so experience should not be critical. Alternatively concentrate on the key skill sets that the job advert identifies and ensure you customize your resume and cover letter to match. This allows the resume reader to quickly scan your resume and see that you align with the role’s requirements.


Ensure that you pack a verbal punch in your resume to give you the best chance in securing an interview. Don’t forget to follow Mint RPO on LinkedIn for more tips and tricks.


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